2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Wiper blades stuck in the up position (Cont)


This is a plastic shield covering the wiper motor. You need to remove the nylon push fastener on the lower right.

This one was stuck in tight. I really had to yank it out. Pretty torn up. It was still usable when I was done. It doesn't have to hold much.

Wiper motor is now exposed. There is a black plastic cap on top of the cam which drives the wiper arm, this pulls off.

Click picture above for more detail. Here's the problem. When the wipers are turned off, the motor reverses one full turn. The black pawl should catch on the metal tab. When the pawl misses this tab half way around, the wipers continue past park and stop straight up. This tab should have been made much stronger.

Here's a place where saving a few cents in manufacturing, made no sense. Simply bend this metal tab back into alignment with the black pawl stick out from under the cam. Take a look at the video to better understand how this works. (I really enjoyed watching this mechanism work.)


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