Apacer AU524 Review - Great Little MP3 Player and Mac Friendly!

Posted: 2/11/2007


I needed a USB Flash memory drive. I could buy a 1GB model for about $12 from Meritline.com. But it's only a memory stick, that's it. I like more complicated gadgets.

I thought about getting an iPod Shuffle. I have a 30GB iPod Video and I love it. The new Shuffle is cute, but it requires a dock so I have to carry another cable. The price of the 1GB Shuffle is $79. A refurb 1st gen shuffle with the integrated USB just fell to $49. Meets the no cable requirement. Shuffles have no screen to see what track you're playing. I wanted a screen. Whatever I bought, it would have to play nice with Macs and PCs. (Remember, I really only needed a memory stick.)

The Apacer AU524- 1GB MP3 player, FM stereo radio tuner with recording feature, voice recorder and memory stick. It met all my requirements and surpassed them. It works great with my Mac.

I put together a little video review. It's my first time ever doing this. It took a bunch of tries and came out less than polished. I have new respect for TV reporters. That said, the video will give you a very good idea how the unit works. Oh, I forgot to show the instruction manual and 3" driver CD that comes with it in the video. The manual is not very good. The CD is useless to me because my computers have slot loading drives. It would be the last CD I ever used. The driver disc was for Windows PCs anyway.

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